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North East Dance are committed to delivering our activities and programmes with integrity and professionalism for the benefit of our beneficiaries, stakeholders and ourselves.

As an organisation which is part of an evolving global community, North East Dance strive to meet the needs of the community and help support health and wellbeing for all.  We want to do this in a sustainable and responsible way.

North East Dance promotes the message that it is ‘Passionate about Health & Well-being’ and is providing support towards the development of healthier lifestyles and to improve well-being.

Our aim is to have a positive impact through our core business and activities on:

The Environment

North East Dance accepts responsibility for the harmful effects its operations have on both the local and global environment and is committed to reducing them.  We are striving to lessen our impact on the environment.

The key points of our strategy to achieve this are:

  • Actively promote and encourage recycling both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers.
  • Source and promote product ranges to minimise the environmental impact of both production and distribution.
  • Meet or exceed the environmental legislation that relates to the company.
  • Measure the impact on the environment and set targets for ongoing improvement.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation.
  • Offer regular updating and training sessions for staff to raise awareness of environmental issues and enlist support in improving the Company’s performance.
  • North East Dance will encourage the adoption of similar principles by its suppliers where appropriate and manageable.


Dance activity is a unique and valuable tool for promoting individual and social change.  Our company is dedicated to bringing dance to everyone because of our belief in the range and scale of benefits it can deliver.

The primary aim of North East Dance is to use dance as a means to tackle a range of social issues, many of which relate to the Health Agenda i.e. to use dance as a means of addressing issues of obesity and associated diseases, fitness levels in children and adults, working with people with depression and other mental health issues and with individuals who have lost confidence in themselves and their abilities.

In addition we also use dance and fitness to address wider concerns of the community such as working with individuals who are disadvantaged and /or disengaged, working in schools to support curriculum activities and working with people who are socially isolated and excluded from society . 

We understand that well-being is not just a health issue but requires enterprising approaches to ensure sustainability and that we must use imaginative ways to address the complex and challenging problems which result from deprivation

North East Dance aim to:

  • Use dance as a tool to enable people of all ages to explore their creativity and in doing so share their experience, communicate their concerns and aspirations, enabling them to challenge and celebrate their lives and communities.
  • To perform and teach and facilitate projects within communities who would not otherwise have the chance to experience dance.
  • Create, develop, facilitate and deliver community-based arts, music and dance movement projects in the form of workshops and performances.
  • Supporting signposting people to a wider choice of routes to progression.
  • We aim to raise skills, confidence and self belief of individuals within disadvantaged communities through providing a stimulating, non threatening learning environment where individuals have the chance to gain new skills.
  • We are building partnership working in communities throughout the North East region to increase access to health opportunities and address health inequalities, social isolation and exclusion.
  • We are driven by the belief that delivering outcomes at neighbourhood level in innovative ways is the way forwards to address wellbeing needs for all.

 As our ethos is to be as inclusive as possible, our main beneficiaries are the whole of the community especially those may be disadvantaged, disaffected or disengaged from society.

The Economy

We want our company and its activities to add value to national, regional and local health and cultural strategies and recommendations.  By developing our company, it's services and products we are contributing to local and regional economy.

By partnership working with local authorities and primary care trusts we are part of a support mechanism towards achieving their priorities, targets and goals and are helping towards reducing the cost to service for health and wellness provision by early prevention. The economic burden of inactivity in England has been estimated at £8.2 billion however this figure excludes the contribution of inactivity due to obesity which alone has been estimated to cost £2.5 billion annually.

We aim to raise the aspirations of young people and adults from low income households and communities and contribute to regeneration by developing the skills, confidence and employability of the individuals concerned.

We actively recruit from local communities to help identify, unlock, develop and support emerging talent so that it may reach its full potential

Proving the social value is becoming increasingly important in the third sector and we have undergone SROI training to monitor the impact of our activities.  The findings from our monitoring and evaluation system show that we are making a difference in the health and wellbeing of our participants.  Analysis of our Social Return on Investment estimates that for every £1 invested in North East Dance activities there is social value created in the range £1.20 - £2.20.