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Our core aim is to use dance and fitness as a means to tackle health and social issues, many of which relate to the health and well-being agenda. We use dance as a means of addressing issues of obesity and associated diseases, low fitness levels and working with people with mental health problems and with individuals who have lost confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Our objectives are to :

  • Increase and facilitate dance and fitness activity to all members of the community particularly those who maybe disadvantaged or who might not be able to access such activities
  • Provide positive experiences through exercise and fitness
  • Increase awareness of a healthy and fit body
  • Increase skills and knowledge of physical health activities
  • Provide health and wellbeing services as a preventative measure
  • Increase self-esteem, confidence and motivation
  • Experience multi-cultural immersion.

In this country an increasing number of people lead sedentary lifestyles and rates of obesity are rising.

  • It is an alarming prospect that 60% of the UK population could be classified as clinically obese by 2050.
  • The negative effects of obesity on people’s health – and, therefore, on the economy and society as a whole – are generally well known.
  • Although the links between obesity and heart disease or diabetes are commonly understood, it is more surprising that being obese can increase the likelihood of developing cancer.
  • This is clearly an issue of great social and economic importance.
  • The need to improve levels of physical activity and develop healthier lifestyles has never been more pressing especially with young people.
  • Delivering a programme of dance activity to 10 targeted schools and early year’s establishments in the east end of Newcastle and also 6 schools in the west end of Newcastle.
  • sessions are part of the Change4 Life East and West Newcastle partnership programmes which aim to tackle childhood obesity and is funded by North of the Tyne PCT.
  • The Exercise on Referral programme In Sunderland offers a variety of activities to raise fitness levels in individuals who are referred by their GPs.
  • Jive Alive is the dance element of the larger programme delivering in 5 Wellness Centre’s in Sunderland.