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North East Dance Schools and Education

Early years

Our Early Year’s programmes are called Lets All Boogie and Baby Boogie.  The baby boogie programme is for very young children and explores through songs dance and movement different development areas such as physical, communication and creative expression.  We use a modified version of Lets All Boogie schemes of work and session plans and these are designed to link with the early years Foundation curriculum.

Let’s All Boogie is for preschool children up to the age of 4 years.  Each session plan has specific theme, areas of learning and learning goals which are all linked to the Early Years Foundation curriculum.  Sessions are structured but lots of fun and can be delivered as single sessions, 6 week sessions or 12 week sessions.

Primary Education

As part of Primary Education; North East Dance can provide dance as part of P.E lessons or curriculum teaching where we can link in a specific topic or area of study with dance.  We find this a great way for the children to learn about curriculum themes without just sitting in the classroom.  We can provide many dance styles for themed weeks, cultural days, school productions and workshops.  Our dance courses such as ‘Dare to be... ‘ and ‘Dance 4ward’ are designed to build confidence, increase fitness levels and include educational aspects.  Children are given the opportunity to express themselves though dance and learn new skills.  In some cases children are given the opportunity to create their own chorography as well as given the chase to perform the new skills they have learned.

We also offer Teacher Fitness Time as an after school class for teachers who want to get fit and exercise but struggle to find time out of school hours.  This can be any dance or fitness class  that we provide.

Secondary and Further Education

For secondary education; we offer dance as part of P.E lessons and curriculum, GCSE dance and after school dance clubs.  We provide teachers to create assessment pieces and to grade GCSE routines.  In the past we have provided tutors who have judged talent shows, created pieces for school productions and choreographed dance shows.  Our tutors can deliver dance workshops in many dance and fitness styles as well as dance for Challenge days and Cultural days. 

We can offer our ‘Dare to be…’ programme and ‘Dance 4ward’ programme as individual lessons or as a full package of courses to secondary and further education establishments.  These courses and workshops are educational and provide social awareness and confidence building.


All trademarked programmes can be found below:

Our Speciality Programmes

  • Jive Alive
  • Danceability
  • Dare to Be…
  • Dance Forward


  • Dance and Fitness Workshops
  • Dance and Fitness Classes.
  • Team building sessions.
  • Educational Programmes.
  • Diversionary Dance & Fitness Activities.
  • Fitness Specialities
  • Fitness Programmes

All with an aim to improve the well-being and fitness of individuals and the wider community.