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International Delivery

North East Dance now works from the North East region of UK to Florida in the US and are looking to expand globally. Working within the private, public and third-sector delivering programs to suit a range of needs for commercial, corporate and voluntary beneficiaries. This includes schools, colleges, universities, community centres, NHS (National Health Service), LEA's (Local Educational Authorities) and charities.

Since 2007 the company has responded to health, education and wellbeing needs in disadvantaged communities with a range of innovative interventions in a “market” that has seen our organisation to be unique in its delivery in a social enterprise context.

Continuous Quality Development

Our policy of continuous quality development has contributed to improved programme delivery and the introduction of innovative activities for participant benefit. Our health focus is to provide facilities which integrate health care services as part of a preventative approach to dealing with common and chronic illness.

We are active in some of the most deprived areas of England; these areas have multi-generational long-term social, health and deprivation problems. The areas have huge social issues because of economic decline and financial hardship. As a result many of the individuals we work with experience demotivation, low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

  • All-inclusive company
  • Excellent community engagement
  • International Development
  • Part of Health and Wellbeing and cultural industries sectors
  • Pioneering company offering diverse and unique products
  • Flexible and innovative to global needs

Intro to Our Programmes Our Programmes

We relish the opportunity to work closely with children, especially in partnership with their school or college. — Deloris Martin

We provide services for many special interest projects and are able to tailor our services for pupils with special needs. We provide support for a variety of schemes, from school production coaching to dance and fitness workshops.

  • Cross curricular workshops & classes.

  • Educational programmes

  • Dance classes & workshops during school hours

  • Extended school provision

  • After School Clubs

  • CPD (Continuous Professional Development)

  • Breakfast Clubs

  • Lunchtime clubs

  • Drama clubs

  • School performances & productions assistance

  • Festivals & Cultural Days

  • Teacher Fitness Time

  • PE Lessons

  • Challenge Days

  • PPA (Planning, Preperation and Assessment Cover)

Our staff

Chris Pearman

Funding Manager


Clare Thompson

Operations Manager


Emma Oliver

Project Manager


Maria Dixon

Human Resource Manager


Kane Foster

Dance and Fitness Instructor


Carrie Richardson

Dance Tutor


Emily Robinson

Dance Tutor


Lucie Webster

Dance and Fitness Instructor


Katherine Whale

Dance and Fitness Instructor


Sandra Zawadzka

Dance Instructor


Jessica Hill

Dance Instructor


Ricky-Jane Heyburn

Dance Instructor


Emily Nicholson

Dance Instructor


Jake Horsley

Dance Instructor